Jewellery Valuations

We offer registered jewellery valuation on all our products offered online and also for your customized orders for your insurance purposes. However, this is carried out by a third party valuer at an extra charge but at discounted rates and for items only purchased through Danaz Jewels.

The main reasons for valuing your jewellery is that you can list each item separately on your home contents policy and in the event of a claim it is used to provide proof that you had the item in your possession and it describes the description, appearance and value of the item. Having said that not all items of jewellery need to be valued. Most insurance policies have limits for non-listed items which range from $500 to $3000. There is also a maximum limit for each claim which is usually between $3000 to $20,000 irrespective of the number of non-listed items in the claim. (You will need to check up with your insurance provider for exact details.) We offer jewellery valuations at special rates for items bought from us from a third party valuer. We carry out valuations from a third party valuer to disengage Danaz Jewels from any conflicts of interest and to provide a fair and honest valuation of a finished product to our customers.