Warranties Policy

We want our customers to be at the utmost of peace of mind that the goods they are purchasing are high quality works of art, manufactured to the highest of standards. Hence, Danaz Jewels Ltd is proud to provide our customers with a 24 month warranty on all good purchased through Danaz Jewels Ltd.
For the purposes of this warranties policy the expressions “we”, “us” and “our” refer to Danaz Jewels Limited and the term “you” refers to the customer or purchasing party involved. Kindly, please refer below for what is covered and what is excluded by our warranty.

Warranties policy

1. We offer a 24 month warranty on goods from the purchase date against any defects in material such as metal and gemstones and/or workmanship on all our products throughout our online catalogue and on any custom made jewellery.

2. We may at our sole discretion, may repair or replace an item that is defective or if convenient provide a refund of the purchase price, excluding any shipping cost.

3. Any loose gemstones supplied by Danaz Jewels Ltd and fitted into any jewellery settings by a third party contractor not associated with Danaz Jewels Ltd, if damaged during this process. In such an event the loose gemstones will not be covered under our 24 month warranty period.

4. Danaz Jewels Ltd and its staff members have the sole right to judge whether a piece of jewellery has been subjected to normal wear and tear, misuse, an accident, rough abuse, been modified from original, being attempted to be repaired by a third party not associated with Danaz Jewels Ltd or been subjected to conditions of use (such as extreme heat) the jewellery was not designed to handle which might have been a contributor to any gemstones getting damaged or falling out of their setting. If any of the above if found and proven to be true and backed up by evidence the 24 month warranty will be null and void for that particular piece only.

5. For items over $1000.00 an original certificate of authenticity must be provided which is clearly signed and stamped by any members of staff at Danaz Jewels Ltd at the time of purchase. Any attempts found to alter this certificate will void the 24 month warranty.

6. When an item is repaired or replaced under its original 24 month warranty period, only the remaining period from the date of purchase for the warranty will continue to apply on the particular item.

7. If the item purchased is intended to be used for commercial purposes, the 24 month warranty will be null and void and the consumer guarantees offered in the consumer guarantees act 1993 shall no longer apply.


By purchasing over danaz.co.nz you are automatically agreeing to this warranties policy. Danaz Jewels Limited reserves the right to change the warranties policy for the suitability of business. However, purchases made before the modification of terms will still retain the original terms of the warranty with which they were sold. We will notify of such changes on the website after which the continued use of our website you will be deemed to agreeing with the modified terms of the warranties policy.