Loyalty Program

We here at Danaz Jewels value our customers very highly and make their satisfaction our No.1 priority and gauge our success not in the number of sales we make but by the size of our customers smiles when they lay their hands and eyes on their new jewellery pieces. We are confident that our customers will keep and preserve their precious pieces to share with their next generations to come.

We here at Danaz Jewels believe in developing and preserving customer relationships not just for this generation but for generations to come. In return for our loyal and supportive customers we would also love to reward our customers back 3% of their jewellery items value into their account as a credit with us towards their next purchases with us.  

Kindly refer to our loyalty program policy below for details:-
For the purposes of this loyalty program policy the expressions “we”, “us” and “our” refer to Danaz Jewels Limited and the term “you”, “your” refers to the customer or purchasing party involved.

Loyalty Program Policy

1. You are entitled to a 3% of the value of your jewellery purchases only (shipping cost excluded) or up to a maximum of $500.00  as credit into your account with us on any purchases made with us. 

2. You are only allowed to accumulate up to a maximum of $500.00 by way of multiple purchases. There after you will be asked to use the credit accumulated in your account for your next purchases.

3. You may accumulate more than $500.00 by way of a single purchase. However, you will be asked to use the credit accumulated in your account while making your next purchases.

4. Your loyalty credits do not last a lifetime. They are only valid for 24 months from the purchase date of your goods. It is your sole responsibility to keep track of the date at which your credits expire.

5. Your loyalty credits are non-transferable. Meaning you cannot pass it on to your family members, relatives or your friends for their purchases. However, you can make purchases on their behalf through your account.

6. The use of the loyalty program for commercial purposes is prohibited. That means you will not be entitled to our loyalty program if you have your account under a business name or we suspect you are using our loyalty program as a cost saving tool to on sell our products to a third party for a profit. This loyalty program is established solely to reward our customers who wish to buy our products for their personal use.


By purchasing over danaz.co.nz you are automatically agreeing to this loyalty program policy. Danaz Jewels limited reserves the right to change the loyalty program policy for the suitability of business. However, purchases made before the modification of terms will still retain the original terms of the loyalty program with which they were sold, your credits will still show in your account until their expiry date. We will notify of such changes on the website after which the continued use of our website you will be deemed to agreeing with the modified terms of the loyalty program.