Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions apply to the use of the website www.danaz.co.nz. These terms and conditions apply to the purchase of goods and/or services being offered on this website by Danaz Jewels Limited. You accept to be bound by these terms and conditions and to comply with all applicable laws and regulations as they may change in the future from time to time. If you do not accept to be legally bound by these terms and conditions, privacy policy, refund policy or the warranties policy, you must refrain from using this website. For the purposes of these terms and conditions the expressions “we”, “us” and “our” refer to Danaz Jewels Limited and the term “you”, “your” refers to the customer or purchasing party involved.

1. Amendments to terms and conditions

1.1 We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions at any given time without notice.

1.2 The amendments will be effective immediately upon the inclusion of such changes within the version of these terms and conditions on this website. After such amendments, your continued use of this website would deem you to be in acceptance of the agreement and you will be bound by and will comply with the amended version of the terms and conditions.

1.3 It is your sole responsibility to check regularly if any amendments have been made to these terms and conditions and to review any changes.

2. Accounts and Passwords

2.1 You may register your account with us with an account login and password to verify your identity when using our website. It is however your responsibility and you must ensure that all your personal account details are keep up to date and that all the information you have provided is true and correct. You agree to not open an account in another person’s or entities names unless you have been formally and legally authorised to act on behalf of that person or entity. You accept to not impersonate or misrepresent your relation with a person or entity or falsely state your identity.

2.2 Your username and password is a piece of your personal information and it is your responsibility to keep it confidential and safe and to not disclose them to any third party. You accept that you are responsible for any use of your username and password on this website and including any purchases made online via your account and you agree to release from any claims, loss or liability arising from the unauthorised use of your account or due to the failure of keeping your username and passwords private and secure.

2.3 In case of a breach in security, it is your responsibility to notify us within 24hrs on [email protected]

2.4 We will not be directly or indirectly liable in any way for loss or damages caused as a result of your noncompliance with this section or due to a delay at your end in identifying a security breach of your account login details.

3. Products, Services and Pricing

3.1 If a product is out of stock or not available anymore however its status is not updated on the website due to delays in operations. We reserve the right to contact you at the earliest and notify you of this situation and provide you with alternative solutions or with a full refund of your payment.

3.2 Data, including prices, pictures may be inaccurately displayed on our website due to system error or human data entry errors. We reserve the right to correct all errors and to reject or cancel your order (regardless of whether you have made a payment for that product or service) and you acknowledge and agree with this condition. Where you have made a payment for an order in such circumstances we will refund you the full amount paid by you in relation to that product or service (excluding any banking fees charged by your bank).

3.3 We reserve the right to change our prices from time to time without any notice.

3.4 You may cancel your order any time before a confirmation notice being sent out to you for that order. However, once a confirmation notice is sent we may depending on the processing stage of your order at our sole discretion allow you to cancel that order.

3.5 We try our best to make our products in our online catalogue look as accurate as possible in shape, size, colour and detail. However, some products may appear larger or smaller than their actual size in the online photograph and since every computer monitor is different, the colour and size may vary slightly.

3.6 For diamond jewellery set with multiple diamonds, we provide the minimum total carat weight for the piece. Colour and clarity grades are expressed as either a minimum or an average depending on the number of diamonds. For whatever the grade stated, all the diamonds in that set will be at or above the stated quality.

3.7 For gemstones and pearl jewellery. There is a measurements tolerance of 0.25mm allowed.

4. Diamond Certificates

4.1 Loose or set high value diamonds for jewellery are shipped with diamond grading certificates. These grading reports contain detailed information about the a particular diamond and is conducted by the experts at one of two highly-respected diamond laboratories (Such as GIA Gemmological institute of America) making it very expensive and difficult to replace a diamond grading report for a particular stone. Because of this, we require each diamond grading report to be included with each returned diamond. If you do not include the diamond grading report with your return, you will be charged a replacement fee of $350.

5. Ethical Sourcing

5.1 Our supplier sources diamonds from the biggest most respected diamond suppliers who hold and implement standards set out by GIA and who source from countries that are participants Kimberley Process Certification Scheme.

6. Intellectual Property Rights

6.1 All materials displayed on our website are protected by copyright and other laws in New Zealand. You acknowledge and agree that under no circumstances that you will copy, publish or reproduce any of the items that we consider as are our intellectual property. Items we consider our intellectual rights are items such as text, artwork, images displayed on the site, design of our jewellery, logos, icons, graphics, theme of our website or any form of item related to our website and our business.

6.2 All trademarks used such as Danaz Jewels Limited as a brand, our products and services names and logos are the sole intellectual property of us. You agree while using our website that you are bound not to reproduce such trademarks during the course of business. You are only allowed to use our trademarks for the purposes of accessing, viewing or interacting with us for your own personal but non-commercial use.

6.3 You are however allowed to print or copy information or images on this website for your own personal but non-commercial purposes. However you agree to be legally bound by our copyright terms and to keep our trademarks affixed and clearly display it on any items that are copied from this website or from any of our advertising or publishing’s.

7. Shipping and Shipping Cost

7.1 Products and services purchase online will only be shipped to valid mailing addresses in New Zealand and overseas. In unforeseen circumstances if we are unable to ship a product to your mailing address we will notify you at the earliest and at our sole discretion make alternative arrangements made available to you or we may reserve the right to cancel the order and refund you the total amount paid.

7.2 Shipping cost are not included in the displayed product price. It is an additional cost added on top of the total order value.

7.3 Once a confirmation notice is sent to you for your order. We will endeavour to deliver your order items within 3 weeks from the order being placed unless a different timeframe is specified in relation to your order. Depending on the value of your order, you may receive several shipments to complete your order.

7.4 During vacation periods of the company operators/directors. Products may be delivered after 6 weeks of the order date. In such circumstances an automatic email will be generated notifying you about the potential delay in delivery due to office shutdown periods. At this point you will have the option to cancel your order for a full refund of the purchase price or you may choose to keep the order placed with a timeframe specified in the automatic email generated at the time of order being placed.

7.5 All though we try our best to get your items mailed out to meet our shipping timeframes whenever possible, all shipping timeframes are estimate only and you agree to not hold us responsible for any losses, expenses and any damages caused by the a delay in shipping. 7.6 We will only ship the order and release its ownership and title once we have received the full payment for that order, including the full shipping charges. At the time of the receipt of the products and from the time we are notified by our mailing service provider. You will hold full responsibility for the security and safety of the order.

7.7 We reserve the right to select our courier, mailing service provider or freight forwarder for shipping services unless specified a particular shipping services provider in writing at the time of purchase.

8. Customs, Duty and Taxes

8.1 All items in your order purchased may be subjected to taxes and custom tariffs of the country you wish to get it shipped to. All items shipped within New Zealand are shipped at the purchase price of the order.

8.2 All items shipped outside of New Zealand, the customs charges and taxes applicable to that item are your responsibility and are to be incurred by you on top of the sale price. It is your responsibility to find out about the customs duty and taxes applicable to the particular item in the country you would like to get the item shipped to. Our freight forwarders or courier service may handle the customs clearance charges for you and bill it to you and notify you on arrival of your product into the country of your choice or you might be contacted by the customs department of that country to pay your applicable charges to get your goods released. Whatever, the case might be we will not be responsible for customs clearance orders outside New Zealand.

8.3 International shipments may be scrutinised by customs department of the country you wish to get your items shipped. In order to facilitate with customs clearance and to comply with local laws we will provide all product, shipment and insurance details to our choice of international courier service. We will provide a purchase invoice in which we will provide as much product information as we can and will declare the value of goods, freight and insurance of the goods you have purchased to aide customs clearance.

8.4 You will not hold us accountable for any delays in shipment which might exceed our estimated delivery timeframe which might be associated with customs clearance in the country you have got the order shipped to and we will not be liable for any losses incurred at your end due to the delays.

8.5 All our prices advertised on this website are GST inclusive.

9. Warranties on Products

9.1 You acknowledge and agree to be bound by our warranties policy stated on our website. Kindly refer our warranties policy for further details.

10. Refunds and Returns Policy

10.1 You acknowledge and agree to be bound by our refunds and returns policy on our website. Kindly refer our refunds and returns policy for further details.

11. Loyalty Program

11.1 You acknowledge and agree to be bound by our loyalty program policy on our website. Kindly refer our loyalty program for further details.

12. General

12.1 These terms and conditions are complete and apply as an exclusive agreement between us the vendor and you the purchaser and supersedes any other agreements

12.2 If any of these terms and conditions or any part of a term and condition is deemed illegal or invalid, the remainder part of the term and condition shall still be applicable between the two parties.